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You can use these swfs in trainers, or in the chracter builder.



Dark Hunger: /items/helms/Darkhunger.swf -

Link: Darkhunger

Corrupted Dark Lord: /items/helms/Darklord2.swf -

Link: Darklord2

J6's helmet: /items/helms/J6.swf -

Link: J6helm

High Templar's Hood: /items/helms/grim3.swf -

Link: Grim3

Mysterious Hood: /items/helms/hood1.swf -

Link: Hood1

Highborn Guard: /items/helms/Goodknight1.swf -

Link: Goodknight1

Hydra battle helm: /items/helms/hydrahelm1.swf -

Link: hydrahelm1

Dragonslayer helm: /items/helms/Dragonslayer.swf -

Link: DragonslayerFHair

Valkyrie Wings of Destiny: /items/helms/paladin1.swf -

Link: Paladin1

Corinthian Bronze Helmet: /items/helms/Dragonlordcustom.swf -

Link: Dragonlordcustom

Cowl of Malicious Intent: /items/helms/maliciousintent.swf -

Link: maliciousintent

Claws hood: /items/helms/GrimSanta.swf -

Link: grimsanta

Voltaire Hat: /items/helms/Voltairehat2.swf -

Link: Voltairehat2

Voltaire Hat and Facial hair: /items/helms/Voltairehat.swf -

Link: Voltairehat

Skull of Darkness: /items/helms/skullhead3.swf -

Link: Skullhead3

Sepulchure's helmet: /items/helms/Doom.swf -

Link: Doom

Renegade Mask: /items/helms/reaver1.swf -

Link: Reaver1

Grand Inquisitor Helm: /items/helms/grandhelm1.swf -

Link: grandhelm1

Ghost's hood: /Items/helms/hoodghost1.swf -

Link: Hoodghost1

Randor's Hood: /items/helms/randorhood.swf -

Link: Randorhood

Falcon Lord: /items/helms/guardhelm02.swf -

Link: guardhelm02

WarpForce Heavy Gunner Helm: /items/helms/WFhelm.swf -

Link: WFhelm

Male Lion Morph: /items/helms/feline1.swf -

Link: feline1

Paladin's Benediction: /items/helms/Knight5.swf -

Link: Knight5

Frost Guard: /items/helms/frosthelm01.swf -

Link: frosthelm01

Conical Hat: /items/helms/orchelm.swf -

Link: orchelm

Leprechaun Hat [Female]: /items/helms/LeprechaunHatF.swf -

Link: LeprechaunHatF

Leprechaun Hat [Male]: /items/helms/LeprechaunHatM.swf -

Link: LeprechaunHatM

Warlic the Red's Face: /items/helms/Warlicface1.swf -

Link: Warlicface1

Nightmare Helm: /items/helms/BlackKnighthelm1.swf -

Link: BlackKnighthelm1

Skull Crusher Helm: /items/helms/Mech2.swf -

Link: Mech2

Red Hunting Hood: /items/helms/Hoodredriding1.swf -

Link: Hoodredriding1

Nightmare Helm: /items/helms/BlackKnighthelm3.swf -

Link: BlackKnighthelm3

Green Draconian Head: /items/helms/draconianhead1.swf -

Link: draconianhead1

Dragon Lord Chaos: /items/helms/DragonlordChaos1.swf -

Link: DragonlordChaos1

Vath's Hair: /items/helms/Vathhair1.swf -

Link: Vathhair1

King Scorpion Helm: /items/helms/Scorpionhelm1.swf -

Link: Scorpionhelm1


*Note: All armors are set for Male, if you want it to be for Female just change the M to F in the link

Paladin: /classes/M/paladin_skin.swf -

Link: Paladin

Crimson Paladin: /classes/M/paladin2_skin.swf -

Link: Paladin2

Shadowscythe Reaver: /classes/M/Shadowwarrior1_skin.swf -

Link: Shadowwarrior1

Guardian: /classes/M/guardian_skin.swf -

Link: Guardian

Rolith: /classes/M/rolith_skin.swf -

Link: Rolith

Zhoom: /classes/M/zhoom_skin.swf -

Link: Zhoom

Beta Berserker: /classes/M/warrior2a_skin.swf -

Link: Warrior2a

Dark Acolyte: /classes/M/priest3_skin.swf -

Link: Priest3

Dragonlord: /classes/M/dragonlord_skin.swf -

Link: Dragonlord

Phoenix Plate: /classes/M/warrior9_skin.swf -

Link: Warrior9

Claw suite: /classes/M/Santa1_skin.swf -

Link: Santa1

Grand Inquisitor: /classes/M/Grand1_skin.swf -

Link: Grand1

Undead Berserker: /classes/M/undead2_skin.swf -

Link: Undead2

Pumpkin lord: /classes/M/pumpkinlord_skin.swf -

Link: Pumpkinlord

Assassin: /classes/M/rogue4_skin.swf -

Link: Rogue4

Symbiote: /classes/M/demon2_skin.swf -

Link: Demon2

Solar Skin: /classes/M/Solar1_skin.swf -

Link: Solar1

Hydra armor: /classes/M/hydra1_skin.swf -

Link: Hydra1

Lunar skin: /classes/M/Lunar1_skin.swf -

Link: Lunar1

Groom: /classes/M/groom_skin.swf -

Link: Groom

Evoloved Dragonlord: /classes/M/dragonlord2_skin.swf -

Link: Dragonlord2

Bunny Zerker: /classes/M/bunnyberzerk1_skin.swf -

Link: Bunnyberzerk1

Vampire: /classes/M/dracula_skin.swf -

Link: Dracula

Swordheaven adept: /classes/M/Swordhaven1_skin.swf -

Link: Swordhaven1

Undead Berzerker: /classes/M/undead3_skin.swf -

Link: Undead3

Alpha Pirate: /classes/M/pirate2_skin.swf -

Link: Pirate2

King skin: /classes/M/king_skin.swf -

Link: King

Sepulchure (doom knight): /classes/M/sepulchure_skin.swf -

Link: Sepulchure

Baron: /classes/M/baron_skin.swf -

Link: Baron

Champion Berzerker: /classes/M/warrior10_skin.swf -

Link: War10

Celtic Warrior: /classes/M/warrior5_skin.swf -

Link: Warrior5

Barbaric Tribesman: /classes/M/druid1_skin.swf -

Link: Drud1

Acolyte: /classes/M/Priest2_skin.swf -

Link: Priest2

Arachnomancer armor: /classes/M/arachnomancer_skin.swf -

Link: arachnomancer

Sorcerer: /classes/M/Mage2_skin.swf -

Link: Mage2

Protosatorium: /classes/M/Mech2_skin.swf -

Link: Mech2

Renegade: /classes/M/Rogue5_skin.swf -

Link: Rogue5

Asgir Armor: /classes/M/asgir_skin.swf -

Link: Asgir

Necromancer: /classes/M/Necro1_skin.swf -

Link: Necro1

Poctagonal Knight: /classes/M/knight_skin.swf -

Link: Knight

Chaos Symbiote Armor: /classes/M/chaossymbiote.swf -

Link: chaossymbiote

Ghost armor: /classes/M/ghost_skin.swf -

Link: Ghost

Voltaire: /classes/M/Voltaire_skin.swf -

Link: Voltaire

WarpForce Heavygunner Armor: /classes/M/heavygunner_skin2.swf -

Link: WFHG

Kreath Armor: /classes/M/max_skin.swf -

Link: Max

Savage Warlord Armor: /classes/M/War1armor1_skin.swf -

Link: Warlord1

Warlic the Red: /classes/M/Warlic_skin.swf -

Link: Warlic

Black Knight: /classes/M/knight2_skin.swf -

Link: knight2

Skull Crusher Armor: /classes/M/mech3_skin.swf -

Link: Mech3

Nightmare Plate: /classes/M/nemesis_skin.swf -

Link: Nemesis

Green Draconian: /classes/M/draconian1_skin.swf -

Link: Drac1

Ironhide Plate: /classes/M/warrior8_skin.swf -

Link: Warrior8

Upgraded Rogue: /classes/M/rogue2_skin.swf -

Link: Rogue2

Lich armor: /classes/M/mage3_skin.swf -

Link: Mage3

Randor The Red: /classes/M/rtr_dev-skin.swf -

Link: Randor

Miltonius (Ninja): /classes/M/Miltonius2_skin.swf -

Link: Miltonius2

Tomix: /classes/M/Tomix_skin.swf -

Link: Tomix

Invisible: /classes/M/Ghost2_skin.swf -


Molten Robe: /classes/M/mage-fire.swf -

Link: MageFire

Typhoon Robe: /classes/M/mage-water.swf -

Link: MageWater

Stone Morph: /classes/M/Rock1_skin.swf -

Link: Rock1

Dwarf engineer: /classes/M/Dwarf2_skin.swf -

Link: Dwarf2

Astronaut: /classes/M/astronaut_skin.swf -

Link: Astronaut

Royalsuit: /classes/M/royalsuit_skin.swf -

Link: Royalsuit

Scarlet costume: /classes/M/scarlet_skin.swf -

Link: Scarlet

Undeadwarrior: /classes/M/UndeadWarrior_skin.swf -

Link: UndeadWarrior

Hashashin Armor: /classes/M/Hashashin2_skin.swf -

Link: Hashashin2

Armored Hashashin Armor: /classes/M/Hashashin1_skin.swf -

Link: Hashashin1

Vath Armor: /classes/M/Vath1_skin.swf -

Link: Vath1

Lavitz Viking Armor: /classes/M/Lavitz_skin.swf -

Link: Lavitz

Symbiote Skin: /classes/M/demon2_skin.swf -

Link: Demon2

Red Demon Morph: /classes/M/demon3_skin.swf -

Link: Demon3

Peacock Armor: /classes/M/peacock_skin.sw -

Link: Peacock

Samurai Armor: /classes/M/Samurai2_skin.swf -

Link: Samurai2

Drow assasin: /classes/M/Drow1_skin.swf -

Link: Drow1

Safiria (Female): /classes/F/ArmorSafiria_skin.swf -

Link: Safiria

Vath's Armor: /classes/M/Vath1_skin.swf -

Link: Vath1

Korin: /classes/M/korin_skin.swf -

Link: Korin

Ninja: /classes/M/ninja2_skin.swf -

Link: Ninja2

panda Armor: /classes/M/panda1_skin.swf -

Link: Panda1

Undead terror: /classes/M/UndeadTerror1_skin.swf -

Link: Undead Terror

Witch: /classes/M/darkwitch_skin.swf -

Link: darkwitch

Potion Wizard Armor: /classes/M/PotionWizard_skin.swf -

Link: PotionWizard

Nekoyasha Armor: /classes/M/Nekoyasha_skin.swf -

Link: Nekoyasha

Sporkion Armor: /classes/M/Sporkion_skin.swf -

Link: Sporkion

Rotting Naval Commander: /classes/M/davy_skin.swf -

Link: Davy1

Grid Iron Death Team: /classes/M/football1_skin.swf -

Link: Football1

Blood Hawk Team: /classes/M/football2_skin.swf -

Link: Football2

Dark Zenobyte: /classes/M/cenobite1_skin.swf -

Link: Cenobite1

Mummy Outfit 08/09: /classes/M/mummy_skin.swf -

Link: Mummy1

Thyton Skin: /classes/M/Thyton_skin.swf -

Link: Thyton

Hashashin Armor: /classes/M/hashashin1_skin.swf -


Dragon wings: /items/capes/wingsdragon1.swf -

Link: Wingsdragon1

Wings of darkness: /items/capes/wingsdragon2.swf -

Link: wingsdragon2

Dark Draconian Wings: /items/capes/wings8.swf -

Link: wings8

Grim Cloak: /items/capes/grimcape.swf -

Link: GrimCape

Tentacles of the Overlord: /items/capes/tentacles1.swf -

Link: Tentacles1Cape

Doom Worm Creepers: /items/capes/tentacles2.swf -

Link: Tentacles2

Foxtail: /items/capes/Foxtail1.swf -

Link: Foxtail1

Redcape: /items/capes/redcape.swf -

Link: RedCape

Golden Draconian Wings: /items/capes/wings7.swf -

Link: Wings7

Highborn cloak: /items/capes/goodcape1.swf -

Link: goodcape1

Cardinal Cloak: /items/capes/cloak1.swf -

Link: Cloak1

Titan's Colossal Sheathed Sword: /items/capes/backblades02.swf -

Link: backblades02

Fire Imp Tail: /items/capes/imptail1.swf -

Link: imptail1

Doom Fire: /items/capes/doomfire.swf -

Link: doomfire

Purple Draconian Wings: /items/capes/wings3.sw -

Link: Wings3Cape

Spider Legs: /items/capes/spiderlegs1.swf -

Link: Spiderlegs1

Back Frost Blades: /items/capes/backblades01.swf -

Link: backblades01

Cloak of Blizzard: /items/capes/frostcape01.swf -

Link: frostcape01

Grand Inquisitor Cloak: /items/capes/grandcape1.swf -

Link: grandcape1

Shadowcape: /items/capes/dark - cape.swf

Link: dark cape

Underworld Cloak: /items/capes/Blackknightcape1.swf -

Link: Blackknightcape1

Scorpion Tail: /items/capes/ScorpionTail1.swf -

Link: ScorpionTail1


Blinding Light of Chaos: /items/axes/Chaosaxe01.swf -

Necrotic Blade of Chaos: /items/swords/Seppysword1.swf -

Sepulcher's sword: /items/swords/sword13.swf -

Shadow Serpent Scythe: /items/polearms/polearm09.swf -

Dark draconian sword: /items/swords/dracsword2.swf -

Guardian Blade: /items/swords/sword24.swf -

Rolith's mace: /items/maces/mace06.swf -

Zhoom's bow: /items/bows/bow02.swf -

J6's lightsaber: /items/swords/Lightsaber.swf -

Dragon Sword of Chaos: /items/swords/Alteonchaosblade.swf -

End of Graves (Hollow): /items/swords/sword30.swf -

Dread Iron (Gothmog): /items/swords/sword51.swf -

Blade of Awe: /items/swords/sword12.swf -

Starsword: /items/swords/Starsword2.swf -

Guandao of slaying: /items/polearms/polearm10.swf -

Platinum Axe Of Destiny: /items/axes/axePlatinum.swf -

Godly mace of the ancients: /items/maces/Grand03.swf -

Phoenix blade: /items/swords/sword40.swf -

Mace of the grand inquisitor: /items/maces/enchantedsphere.swf -

Sword of the Vindicator: /items/swords/Jeweledblade2.swf -

Champion hydra sword: /items/swords/Hydrasword1.swf -

Dark Rune Sword: /items/swords/Runesword02.swf -

Unarmed: /items/maces/Blank.swf -

Big 100k: /items/swords/sword03.swf -

Balor's Cruelty: /items/swords/sword50.swf -

Krom's Conquest: /items/axes/axe09.swf -

Blade of Thorns: /items/swords/sword05b.swf -

Blinding Light of Destiny(artix): /items/axes/axe05.swf -

Starsword: /items/swords/swordStardot.swf -

Angel Axe of Light: /items/axes/Barbarianaxe01.swf -

King's blade: /items/swords/sword18.swf -

Cold Rune Edge: /items/swords/coldruneedge.swf -

Frost Scythe: /items/polearms/Frostscythe1.swf -

FrostRaver: /items/swords/Frostworn.swf -

Piston-Driven Chopper: /items/axes/axe11.swf -

Great Pumpkin King Sword: /items/swords/sword55.swf -

Legendary Magma Sword: /items/swords/Fireblade1.swf -

Soul Ripper: /items/swords/Demonkissblade1.swf -

Red Starsword: /items/swords/Starsword1.swf -

Dragonblade: /items/swords/sword26.swf -

Crusader Sword: /items/swords/guardsword01.swf -

Fiendish Blood Blade: /items/swords/sword45.swf -

Rune Sword: /items/swords/Runesword01.swf -

Deadly Dragon Claw: /items/polearms/Elitepole01.swf -

Iryerris: /items/swords/sword42.swf -

Fiery Blade of Torment: /items/swords/sword33.swf -

Golden Draconian Sword: /items/swords/dracsword1.swf -

Beast of Pirate's Bay Trident: /items/polearms/Tridentweapon2.swf -

Shadowscythe Chainsaw: /items/swords/Chainsaw5.swf -

Heart Sabre: /items/swords/Valen01.swf -

Executioner Axe of Bludrut: /items/axes/axe10.swf -

Deadly Tower Blade: /items/swords/Ironblade01.swf -

Dragonhead Archon: /items/staves/staff19.swf -

Katana: /items/swords/sword08.swf -

Staff of Inversion: /items/staves/Chaosstaff01.swf -

Ghost's sword: /items/swords/sword38.swf -

Randor's Blade: /items/swords/sword34.swf -

Voltaire's Rapier: /items/swords/VoltaireRapier.swf -

Katana of Cold: /items/swords/swordNinjaTrainer.swf -

Kreathblade: /items/swords/maxsword.swf -

Grumpy Warhammer: /items/maces/Grumpywarhammer1.swf -

Angel Axe of Light: /items/axes/Barbarianaxe01.swf -

Dark Angel Axe of Shadow: /items/axes/Barbarianaxe02.swf -

Shave Point (Zazul): /items/staves/zazrazor.swf -

Luckey Sword: /items/swords/ShamrockSword.swf -

Blade of the Dead: /items/polearms/Blackknightpolearm1a.swf -

Cruel Axe of Midnight: /items/axes/BlackknightAxe1.swf -

Soulbiter: /items/swords/Blackknightblade1.swf -

WarpForce Green Beamsword: /items/swords/beamswordgreen.swf -

Nightmare Blade: /items/swords/Nightmaresword1.swf -

Korins Sword: /items/swords/korinsword.swf -

Frost Axe: /items/axes/Frostaxe01.swf -

Vath's Sword: /items/swords/Vathsword01.swf -

Vath's Sword (Shattered): /items/swords/Vathsword02.swf -

Vath's Axe: /items/axes/VathAxe01.swf -

Vath's Mace: /items/maces/VathMace01.swf -

Vath's Lance: /items/polearms/VathLance01.swf -

Scorpion Claw: /items/daggers/Claw05.swf -

Scorpion Daggers: /items/daggers/Scorpiondagger01.swf -

Scorpion Spear: /items/polearms/Scorpionspear1.swf -


Platinum Dragon: items/pets/babydragonfounder.swf -</a>

Link: PetDragon2

Dracolich Baby Dragon: items/pets/babydragonundead.swf -</a>

Link: Babydragonundead

Armored baby frost: items/pets/Babydragonarmoredfrostdragon.swf -</a>

Link: Babydragonarmoredfrostdragon

Grenwog: items/pets/Grenwogpet.swf -</a>

Link: Grenwogpet

Dark moglin: items/pets/moglindark.swf -</a>

Link: moglindark

Gray hawk: items/pets/hawkgray.swf -</a>

Link: PetHawkgray

Pumpkinking pet: items/pets/pumpkinkingpet.swf -</a>

Link: Pumpkinkingpet

Baby Shadow Dragon: items/pets/babydragondark.swf -</a>

Link: babydragondark

Dark crystal: items/pets/dark.swf -</a>

Link: PetDark

Golden Phoenix: items/pets/phoenix1.swf -</a>

Link: phoenix1

Battle Puppy: items/pets/daimyo.swf -</a>

Link: PetDaimyo

Red Moglin: items/pets/moglinred.swf -</a>

Link: PetMoglinred

Blue Trobble: items/pets/trobble1.swf -</a>

Link: PetTrobble1

White Moglin: items/pets/moglinwhite.swf -</a>

Link: moglinwhite

Vorpal Bunny: items/pets/bunnyeaster1.swf -</a>

Link: bunnyeaster1

Baby Red Dragon: items/pets/babydragon.swf -</a>

Link: PetDragon

Broken Deady: items/pets/BrokenDeady.swf -</a>

Link: BrokenDeady

Phaedra: items/pets/hellhound1.swf -</a>

Link: hellhound1

Kreath's Pet: items/pets/KreathPet.swf -</a>

Link: KreathPet

Chuckles Skull: items/pets/chucklespet2.swf -</a>

Link: chucklespet

Jacon Balloon Dragon: items/pets/babydragonballoon.swf -</a>

Link: babydragonballoon

Sock Dragon: items/pets/sockdragon.swf -</a>

Link: sockdragon

Vath's Pet: items/pets/babydragonchaos.swf -</a>

Link: babydragonchaos

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